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School of Nursing

MSN Career Opportunities

The nurse educator role prepares professional nurses to assume entry-level teaching positions in collegiate and hospital settings, as well as community settings with staff or patients. You will also have a clinical focus which will enable use of this degree in teaching positions with students, staff members, and patients. Roles within Nurse Educator practice include being an educator in the collegiate or post-secondary setting, a health educator or patient educator in the hospital or community setting, or being a staff educator in the hospital or community setting.

The nurse informatics role prepares professional nurses to work in hospitals, clinics, and community health settings to provide systems preparation and development as well as training and continued support for users. You may also work in industries related to sales, systems design, and training those who will use technology.

The nurse leader role prepares professional nurses to work in management or administration settings such as hospitals, community agencies, long-term care facilities, governmental agencies and facilities, industries and corporations.

To prepare for career opportunities, the Columbus State University Center for Career Development provides support and resources. You can also view potential positions at Liquid Compass which provides a Columbus State University resource for positions for new graduate APRNs.

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