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School of Nursing

Nursing Advisory Board - 11/08/07



Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lumpkin Center, President's Room


Attendees: Dorothy Boden, Miriam Eide, Yvette Cummings for Kathy Ellis, Carlie Frederick, Ken Gordon, June Goyne, Amanda Hawkins, Aleta Henderson (Chair), Wanda Johnson, Vivian Lee, Stephanie Lewis, Barbara McKnight, Nicolise Claassens for Florence Miller, COL Vicki Ransom, Jill Hiers for Debbie Saylor, Cheryl Smith, Glenn Stokes, Aimee Vael


Recorder: Birgit Gatlin





Boxed lunch served beginning at 11:00




Aleta Henderson called the meeting to order at 11:25 am.



Minutes September Meeting


Minutes unanimously accepted as submitted.

Tribute to LaQuita Rogers

Mrs. Sheila Mayfield presented a tribute to LaQuita Rogers, advisory board member who passed away recently.



Dr. Goyne introduced Dr. Glenn Stokes (Dean, College of Science) to board members.


Nursing Pin Activity

C. Frederick performed nursing pin activity for members to get to know each other better.





Master's Degree in Nursing Education

Dr. Goyne reported that the survey link will be emailed to all board members. She asked members to forward link to their RNs.

Dr. Goyne to email link.

GBN Site Visit

Dr. Goyne advised members that the GBN site visit has been rescheduled to April 17-18, 2008.


Board Focus

A. Henderson reminded members that the focus of the board is on developing student leadership and decision making skills. Dr. Goyne asked for volunteers to attend CSU nursing curriculum committee meetings for their input. She also asked members to email individual expertise to her so that she can invite specific members when their expertise would be helpful.

Volunteers are:

A. Henderson

V. Ransom

B. McKnight

V. Lee

K. Gordon

Common Online Facility Orientation

A. Hawkins reported that the new common orientation is going well. She explained to members that all students watch an orientation video and then take a test. The group discussed how to best make video available to students. Healthstream was discussed as one option. Dr. Goyne informed members that we could put the video on the CSU nursing website under "student resources" and that it would be password protected there. It was determined that this common orientation is an annual requirement (must be repeated every year).


Dr. Goyne to email "master" clinical request form to all facilities. F/U at next meeting.

Clinical Sites for Students

Dr. Goyne reported that she met with Lynn Storey from Columbus Technical College regarding clinical site requests for the coming year. They ensure that CSU and CTC requests do not overlap.


Evidence-Based Practice Collaboration

Dr. Goyne reported that students are working on research topics which were submitted to S. Noviello. Student presentations are set up for 11/29/07, location TBA. Students are required to save presentation on a disc.

A. Vael to check on location.




CSU Nursing Program Update

Dr. Goyne presented a PowerPoint presentation about the progress of the nursing program at CSU.

Attachment 1

GA Nursing Education Crisis

Dr. Goyne presented a PowerPoint presentation about the critical nursing shortage in GA.

Attachment 2

West Central District Organization of Nurse Leaders

M. Eide informed members about the West Central District Organization of Nurse Leaders. She explained that they meet 4 times a year. The next meeting will be held on December 5th at the Hughston Foundation from 11:30 am to 1 pm. Dr. Brent Robinson of DeKalb Medical Center will be the speaker (topic: collegiate relationships). She advised the group that this organization is an affiliate of the GA Organization of Nurse Leaders (GONL).

Ms. Gatlin to email flyer to all members when available.

Next Meeting

To be determined.


Time and location TBA.

Adjourned @ 12:50 pm