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Nursing Advisory Board - 09/06/07



Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cunningham Center, Room 215


Attendees: Dr. Goyne (presiding), Jean Arrighi, Dorothy Boden, Miriam Eide, Sharon Evers, Carlie Frederick, Ken Gordon, Amanda Hawkins, Aleta Henderson, Wanda Johnson, Vivian Lee, Stephanie Lewis, Paige Harford for Barbara McKnight, Rhonda Hollis, Tony Miller, Nicolise Claassens for Florence Miller, COL Janet Wilson for COL Victoria Ransom, LaQuita Rogers, LaTonya Santo, Jill Hiers for Debbie Saylor, Darlene Shirley, Cheryl Smith, Rebecca Tew, Kelli Whitted


Recorder: Birgit Gatlin





Boxed lunch served beginning at 11:00




Dr. Goyne welcomed all participants.



Minutes July Meeting

Minutes were reviewed. Motion to accept minutes by LaQuita Rogers, seconded by Stephanie Lewis. All in favor.


Minutes accepted.


Dr. Goyne asked each participant to write down two to three traits, knowledge, skill or abilities -- that they would like to see enhanced in CSU nursing graduates. The responses were collected and saved for discussion later in the meeting.


  • Critical thinking 6
  • Problem solving 2
  • Decision making
  • Procedures/technical skills 5
  • Leadership 3
  • Organizational skills 2
  • Confidence building 2
  • Pharmacology knowledge / medication management 2
  • Professional socialization (behaviors, ethics, awareness of standards of care-Nat'l Pt Safety Goals, passion for nursing) 3
  • Self motivation to learn/independence / internal commitment to life long learning
  • Assertiveness
  • Knowledge
  • Therapeutic communication
  • More team oriented
  • Stronger patient advocate
  • Assessment skills
  • Documentation skills




Dr. Goyne presented a PowerPoint presentation on "Expert to Novice: What the Evidence Says." (Attachment #1)

Novice to Expert Development Handout (Attachment #2)

No action

Introduction Masters of Nursing Education

Mr. Goyne announced to the group that CSU is in the planning phase of implementing a Master's Degree in Nursing Education. She advised everyone that we will post a link to a survey on the Nursing Advisory Board Website and will email the link to all Advisory Board members, asking them to forward to all of the RNs in their facility. Dr. Goyne asked the group to please encourage nurses to complete it online so that we have a better understanding of the interest in a master program in nursing at CSU. Results will be shared with Board members.

Survey link to be posted to nursing advisory board website and emailed to all Board members.

GBN Site Visit

Dr. Goyne announced to the members that the CSU Nursing Department's GA Board of Nursing site visit will be conducted November 1st & 2nd, 2007 by Julia Gould, GBN Nursing Education Consultant and Linda Heron, current president of the GA Board of Nursing.

No action


Board Focus for 2007-2008

Dr. Goyne read the comments from the earlier exercise to the members and led a discussion of the items appearing most often. It was agreed that one focus of the committee for 2007-08 be "leadership & decision making" which includes items mentioned such as "leadership, organizational skills, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, & confidence building. Projects already underway that will be included in the focus for the year will include:

  • Common online facility orientation (required items)
  • Evidence-Based Practice-students working with facilities
    • Cheryl Smith asked members to email topic suggestions to her for junior students to address in their "evidence based practice" paper required this semester. (
    • There are 60+ senior students who will be developing evidence based guidelines this fall - will be divided among the hospitals to work on a topic of interest in that facility.



Board Officers

Chair: Aleta Henderson

Co-Chair: June Goyne

Secretary: Birgit Gatlin

Chair elect: tabled until next meeting


F/U Chair Elect at next meeting.

Next Meeting

Thursday, November 8, 2007 at lunchtime.


Time and location TBA.

Adjourned @ 12:30 pm





Attachment 1: PowerPoint Presentation

Attachment 2: Novice to Expert Development