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School of Nursing

How to Apply

Fall 2021 Application Information

How are students selected for the program?

The School of Nursing accepts students to a fall semester cohort once a year through a process of "rolling admission." Students majoring in "nursing" at CSU are reviewed for acceptance beginning in November of each year for the following fall cohort.

Eligible applicants are then selected through the rolling admission process between the months of November and May for the corresponding fall cohort.

*Transfer students are included in the review process once they complete the required university admissions process.

Eligible students are evaluated and selected for acceptance based on:

  1. Complete Application and Professional Recommendations
  2. Review of Nursing Disposition Policy to include review of University BART evaluation
  3. Program GPA and Overall GPA
  4. Average score of RN Admission Assessment Exam
  5. Criteria of Eligibility
  6. Review of Degree Progression / Lab sciences completion; this includes review of any lab science failures

How can I receive an application to the nursing program?

Only those students identified as eligible through the "rolling admission" or "academic advising" process will receive an application.

Eligible students who meet the following criteria may receive an application which will be sent to the students' CSU email address.

Criteria of Eligibility

  1. Reviewed through "rolling admission" or "academic advising" process
  2. Have a minimum program GPA of 2.75 as well as an overall GPA of 3.0
  3. Meet the Degree Progression requirements to include having fewer than 9 hours of elective (non-science) courses remaining in degree progression
  4. Review of Nursing Disposition Policy to include review of University BART evaluation
  5. Meet the conditions of the School of Nursing Science Policy (Please see question 18 of our FAQ for more information.)

What is the program GPA and how is it used during the selection process?
The program GPA is calculated using the prerequisite course requirements. The course requirements include AREA A, B, C, D, E and F of the BSN degree. Please see the university catalog for more information.

To calculate your program GPA, please use the Program GPA Calculator provided by your academic advisor.

Important Dates

Application & Professional Recommendations Deadline - Eligible applicants identified through the “rolling admission” process will be provided with an online application which will include all deadlines for submission of the application as well as professional recommendations.

Through the “rolling admission” process, applicants may have different deadlines depending on when they are invited to submit an application.

March 12, 2021 - Deadline to complete the RN Admission Assessment (required for admission to the CSU School of Nursing)
*The CSU Testing Center will send your test scores to the School of Nursing.
**RN Admissions Assessment must be taken at the CSU Testing Center OR coordinated through the CSU Testing Center ( Scores reported from entities other than the CSU Testing Center will not be accepted as official.

Transfer Students:

February 19, 2021 - Individuals interested in applying to the Fall 2021 program must submit an application to the university by this deadline.

March 19, 2021 - Those who apply to the university by Feb. 21, 2021, must be accepted to the university by this deadline to be eligible for the application process for the fall 2021 nursing program.

*Transfer students are required to speak with a CSU ADVISE advisor to request an application.

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